The process of DeJunking for your home/office/life


Time to get organized and peel away the layers. If that sentence make you shudder, take pause, “numbs you out”, or simply scares you, then it’s probably time to DeJunk.

Starting with : physical space.  It’s a reflection of where you are and an indication of your spirit and your wellness.  An environment that is clear and open and attractive is available for whatever forward motion is to come.

Not sure…..?

-Does all of the space in your environment serve as a catalyst for you to be relaxed, creative, rested, organized and self-expressed?

-Can you easily find bills when it’s time to pay them—and within that scope, are they paid on time?

-If you choose to sit read a book/ have a cup of tea, are there several comfortable, relaxing places in your home that you can choose from to sit and enjoy your moments?

-Are your closets and bureaus neatly organized?  (Doors and drawers close and open easily;; clothing stored for easy access and perusal.)

-Are there piles of magazines/articles, more than two inches tall, that you plan to read “someday”…but find that day never really arrives?

-Does prioritizing tasks and /or executing them in completion escape your grasp?

-Are you planning to move but realize you have many years of items that you’ve been storing from your own life or from that of a parent/other relative and need much clearing before the packing can start?

-Is there a creative or business project that is waiting in the wings for you to clear physical or energetic space in order to be in a true space of allowing and manifesting?

DeJunking is first is a system for organizing space/environments by sorting and arranging the intellect and emotional clutter and appendages that created the tangible disorder originally

That said, DeJunking works on the premise of fluidity.  Things go out to make room and availability for new things (that can now include experiences/people/places) to come in. So even though the physical clutter derives from the clutter inside you, it is when a physical space clears that there is more room for a mind and feeling clearing.  And, it is with Dejunk these latter apertures that the cycle of being stymied is permanently broken.

So while we work on the tangible from the outside—via various exercises and tasks, resulting in tools and systems-- we are actually working on the inside.  It’s a fun inversion, because there is nothing like looking at something from another angle that helps to provide clarity around it.

On a deeper level, DeJunking lifts the layers that hold one back from being their most fully expressed selves.  It  assists in first permitting you to find the dots (what you currently do, act on, feel, don’t feel) then slowly and thoroughly allow you to connect them so that you have your own personal matrix of endeavor™ Once you own what you are doing and why you are doing it and have some support around it, you can begin to permanently put a procedure in place that works for your lifestyle and as a basis for leading a more juicy and full life.

Check on the areas of your world.  What needs DeJunking?  This work provides a practice  for cataloging and organizing YOU that will assist in letting go of hindered spirit and set you in motion for being in the company of kindred spirit.


NOTE: In-person DeJunk™ support can incorporate assistance with closets/tables desktops, files, garages, office, children’s spaces, entire rooms, garages, basements, cars and can include pre- renovation and/or move preparation and post-move organization.  There is a 3 hour minimum/maximum on each session, project dependent. And, a surcharge for travel for over 25 miles.

Workshops and Teleclasses on DeJunking are held in five week session intervals, several times a year.  See Events page on this website for any current listing.

There is also a DeJunking™ method geared toward wellness professionals taught by Mela Stevens through the Quantum Coaching Method.  For upcoming DeJunking classes and events, please see the Events page or contact Mela at

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