15th Annual Whole Body Works Spring Cleanse—A week of radical self-care

Monday, 4/22 through Monday, 4/29 2019


·      * Ready the body, mind and spirit for the season ahead

·       *Practice planning, shopping, pre-prepping food and snacks

·       **Foster mindfulness about food, rest, work and fun

…not just during Cleanse time, but to begin to ignite new patterns for going forward.

WHAT:  It’s a whole foods-based cleanse…meaning that you EAT. The program is designed to be virtual, so you can participate anywhere you live and work.  The menu list of foods covers all preferences: vegetarian, vegan, and for those who eat animal protein.

WHO:  Open to any and all (18 years and older)


The week includes                                                                                                                                                                

-Daily on-line group coaching

-On-line group engagement with other cleansers (optional)

-A 90 minute teleclass  (Wed, April 24  8-9:30 PM Eastern time (recorded for those who can’t be on the live chat)

-Some simple recipes, for suggestion

-Wellness and Nutrition education 

-Fun, creativity and community

 *Are you ready to release winter and prepare your body as a strong foundation for the season ahead?

*Do you live a full life but find challenges making time for your self-care?

*Do you tend to eat on the run, not moving your body as often as you’d like?

*Is it challenging to put yourself first?

*Would you love to learn skills and build habits for pre-planning, shopping, batch cooking, and grab-and-go options for meals/snacks to simplify life and support beautiful eating habits?

………..Then this week of radical self-care is for you!


$299.00     New Cleanser who has NEVER worked with Mela Stevens before. (Price includes one required 45 minute coaching session via /phone/Facetime/Zoom .  This nutrition/wellness consultation is to be scheduled prior to the cleanse to support  your current lifestyle/circumstances  during the full eight days of cleanse activity.)

$199.00     New Cleanser but you HAVE worked previously in a nutrition/wellness program with Mela                           

$135.00    Veteran Cleanser.  You have participated before in any of the past Cleanses.

**** BONUS:  IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN AT LEAST FIVE OF THE PAST CLEANSES YOUR PRICE IS: $100 as both special thanks and kudos to you!!

 For more information/request for frequently asked questions go to: Mela@wholebodyworks.net

For registration and payment go to:   Mela@wholebodyworks.net for registration and payment. 

REGISTRATION CLOSES SUNDAY, APRIL 14 to give participants a week to get ready for the deep dive into radical self-care!

 Layers! DeJunking  Accountability
*If you've been in a DeJunking group led by Mela, or have been a private client anytime over the past 12 years and need some accountability support , this is for you.

 -Email and text support as you work on your own in 30-minute timed segments to move through your pile or project.  
-Follow up regarding areas that proved challenging, distractions that moved you away from the focus and "Ta Da" moments of realization/recognition connecting your own dots to reframe/re-pattern habits leading toward more goodness.

 $175.00 for 30 days begin whatever day of the month you start
Contact: Mela@wholebodyworks.net for registration

PRIVATE Layers!, DeJunking on-site coaching. Available in person throughout the tri-state area. Helpful for your home or business. DeJunking the literal layers (“spring clean” anytime of year, preparation for moving/renovation, clearing space before starting a new project or after one ends) Please contact Mela@wholebodyworks.net for individualized program outline to meet your needs.


*****Private yoga is available in your home or office. Yoga parties for children, bridal parties and other special event occasions can be accommodated. Email your inquiry to Mela@wholebodyworks.net

Group class yoga schedule and location:

Mon. 6:00-6:45 AM Sunrise Yoga , IXL HEALTH & FITNESS, Rhinebeck, NY

Mon. 8:00-9:00 AM Beyond Basics, RHINEBECK YOGA CENTER, Rhinebeck, NY (*Starts 4/15)

Mon. 4:30-5:30 PM Yoga Express, SADHANA CENTER FOR YOGA & MEDITATION, Hudson, NY

Mon.      6:00-7:30 PM      Moving to Restorative,   SADHANA CENTER FOR YOGA & MEDITATION, Hudson, NY

Wed.      9:30-10:45 AM    Slow Flow & Restore   RHINEBECK YOGA CENTER , Rhinebeck, NY

Fri.         7:15--8:15 PM      Community         RAINBOW BODY, Red Hook, NY

Additional yoga offerings during April:

Tues, 4/16 4 PM House Flow YOGA HOUSE, Mid-town, Kingston, NY (sub for Sarah)

Fri, 4/19, 11 AM Vinyasa, RHINEBECK YOGA, Rhinebeck, NY (sub for Elle)

Tues, 4/23 4 PM House Flow YOGA HOUSE, Mid-town, Kingston, NY (sub for Sarah)