The physical “asana” (pose) yoga practice offers many portals into radical self- care and wellness.  

In human time I have been studying yoga for over two decades.  Yet oftentimes when I take to the mat it feels like the very first time.  Drawn to the practice because ISHTA yoga founder Alan Finger literally housed his yoga studio in rooms that were part of an office in a brownstone building in New York where I worked at a public relations agency.  He would lean, arms crossed, watching me work the phones—harried, not really breathing, muscles tensed in my face and he would simply ask, “When are you coming to a yoga class?”   I don’t know what came first me getting tired of not having an answer for Alan or me knowing that there was something in that room calling me.  In any case, finally, there I went.  This was back in the days before yoga classes had names……..gentle, slow, powerful, restorative, open, meditative, mixed… was simply yoga.  There was no sense of competition (because I couldn’t “do” more than half of the stuff people were moving and contorting into).  And there was no real worry (I didn’t speak Sanskrit so whether it was Ardha Chandrasana or Savasana it was all “Greek” to me!)  Class after class he would just say, “Just practice.” So I did.  And, I do.

Flash forward a few decades and in addition to studying, I now teach yoga. It continues to be an active practice both the asana (physical poses) and other limbs.

Yoga sessions are available privately in Manhattan, parts of Queens and Brooklyn and throughout northern Dutchess and Columbia counties in New York. 

Corporate yoga is available for your business staff in-office or management team-building off-site retreat days.

Yoga classes taught in the Hudson Valley .  See Events page for details.