The concept behind Whole Body Works is to take a look at exactly how your whole body--your whole life--is running and whether or not it’s going in the direction that has you feeling stimulated and excited to be a part of the world.  It takes a holistic approach, looking at areas of your lifestyle and checking to ascertain if everything is working well and/or sight the areas that need a "tune-up."

A huge foundation point is nutrition.  This is the premise because ultimately everything you eat becomes your tissues, muscles, organs, bones, blood, thoughts, feelings, actions.  Nutrition-and whether what you are eating is/isn't working for you-is balanced with other areas including fun/joy, organization/time management skill, physical activity/movement, creativity/self-expression, quality of sleep, etc.  The way all of these parts balance/do not balance for you directly affects how your food is ingested, digested, and absorbed.  Together all of these areas either create a recipe for good health....or not so good health.


This work is designed to assist you in taking a look at what you are eating (and not eating), doing (and not doing), feeling (and not feeling), edit out what isn't working an making room for what does/can work so that you can best continue forward with all of your life's callings.


The work can be segmented and general:

-upgrading eating

- getting rid of literal/figurative clutter,

-enhancing body movement through physical activity


The work can be specific:

....with a plan of nutrition coaching(dealing with prevention or an active skill set for weight gain/loss, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood-sugar issues, gluten-intolerance and/or management of chronic issues (lupus, MS, or post-cancer and the like).  It can also be grocery shop or cooking-based, as foundation points for eating good, clean food)

....with lifestyle coaching (taking areas where you are stuck--career, joy/fun, consciousness, clutter) and moving toward forward motion and fulfillment of life work/destiny through radical self-care

....with movement and stillness (yoga, stretch, meditation and breathing practices)


It is under the umbrella-guise of health coaching providing you with a personal matrix of endeavor™  --understanding what you do that got you where you are, accepting this path and then supporting the changes that need to go into to effect to create the new map to follow for change.

The work is done in many ways in order to fit the scope of the individual.  It can be in-person, via phone, through e mail support, via one-on-one coaching or in a group setting.  It can and has taken place everywhere from a supermarket, a yoga mat or via stove-top/near the kitchen sink to a park bench, pool-side and about town.  It works with the premise of wherever you go, there you are.  The work supports this providing livable, workable "tools" for your own personal "tool box."


When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? 

It’s rare for anyone to carve out the time to work on their nutrition/ wellness/life goals and get the accountability and support to make them happen.  I create an environment that will enable/ you to achieve all of your self-care goals. I have studied all the major dietary theories and use practical lifestyle coaching methods to guide you in discovering which approach works best for you.

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